THE SA-UP COLLECTIVE offers diverse art-based services including key art creation, posters and logo design, product endorsements, brand integration, and licensing. The collective represents a broad selection of well-recognized creators able to meet a client’s most challenging branding needs. Listed below are a few of the artists in our collective.

Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer, and a writer born in California, USA. He is best known for illustrating The Used's album artwork. He has also done works for Hurley International, Bay Area rapper Topr, Upper Playground, Kid Robot and numerous bands, including the cover of In Flame's studio album A Sense of Purpose, and its first single, entitled The Mirror Truth.


SA/UP Collective

  • Alex Pardee
    Alex Pardee

    Alex Pardee is a freelance artist, apparel designer, and a writer born in California, USA. He is best known for illustrating The Used's album artwork. He has also done works for Hurley International, Bay Area rapper Topr, Upper Playground, Kid Robot and numerous bands, including the cover of In Flame's studio album A Sense of Purpose, and its first single, entitled The Mirror Truth.

  • David Choe
    David Choe

    David Choe was born in 1976, in Los Angeles. Today he is currently homeless, wandering the Earth, making good art and bad music. He can paint anything and everything. He has won lots of awards and his works can be found in almost every facet of society.



  • Estevan Oriol
    Estevan Oriol
    Estevan Oriol is a photographer and director, respected as an innovator in both disciplines. His work is recognized for its frankness and emotional resonance.

    He started his career in entertainment as a bouncer at hip-hop clubs before moving on to tour manage globally known acts Cypress Hill and House of Pain. During that time he found a passion for photography and began documenting his life on the road. When he returned home, his reputation afforded him unlimited access to photograph gang members and celebrities alike. His work has been featured in Complex, FHM, GQ, Vibe, Rolling Stone, and countless other media channels and books Oriol has directed music videos for Eminem, Cypress Hill, Blink 182 and others. His recent photography book, LA Woman captures the beauty and danger of the subject, in a lush hardbound edition now a decade in the making.

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Oriol pulls inspiration from the city and reflects the Lost City’s sensibilities in his work. The ever present juxtaposition of the glitzy and the gritty in Southern California are commonly visible both in Oriol’s choice of subject and composition. Whether he’s photographing gang life, a fashion model or Dr. Dre, there is a voice in his work that evokes the soul of LA.


  • Grotesk
  • Herbert Baglione
    Herbert Baglione
    Hailing from Sao Paulo, Herbert Baglione is highly respected and recognized fine artist. He is known for his stark minimalism and simplistic approach to painting.
  • Jeremy Fish
    Jeremy Fish
    At first glance, Fish's images seem to be rooted in an alternate world- a world where gnomes travel saddled on the backs of dachshunds and birds of all nations hatch adorned with the heads and hairstyles of every human stereotype imaginable. The bold, precise outlines give his ideas an immediate impact, but it's the aftertaste that really cuts deep. Everything comes with a story. His pictures are built from the simplest ingredients, ingredients with which the everyman can identify. Fish documents his every day, every trip, every friend, and every experience within his art to the point where one could line up his life's work, decode the riddles, and have a clear idea of where he's been, how he felt about it, the types of folk he chopped it up with, and what lies ahead.
  • Jonathan Mannion
    Jonathan Mannion
    Photographer Jonathan Mannion, a native of Cleveland, OH, began capturing images of up-and-coming urban music superstars after working for a year with world-renowned photographer Richard Avedon. In 1996, Mannion began his professional career by shooting the photographs for the classic hip-hop album "Reasonable Doubt" by Jay-Z. In the years since then, Jonathan's photography has grown alongside the culture he so loves, helping to visually define an era of urban music. As DJ Quik once pointed out to him, the world sees hip-hop through his eyes. Mannion views the opportunity to contribute to the genre as a blessing.
  • Mister Cartoon
    Mister Cartoon
    Mister Cartoon is a legendary tattoo artist, muralist, and designer who actively shapes popular culture. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mister Cartoon began his career as a graffiti artist in the 1980s. He then went on to gain notoriety for his work on historic album covers, logos, advertisements, custom lowrider car murals, and brilliant tattoos. His iconic artwork has been featured in numerous publications including Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Complex, Juxtapose, XXL, and GQ, and helped him form partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Nike, MetroPCS, Rockstar Games, and Harley-Davidson. Those successful collaborations enabled Mister Cartoon and other street artists to bridge the gap between corporate America and the stigmatized street culture. His richly detailed, hand-rendered designs are inspired by the style of tattoos that originated in the streets of 1970s’ Los Angeles. Celebrities such as Eminem, Travis Barker, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Mena Suvari and Ryan Phillippe, CC Sabathia, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Carlos Boozer are among the stars that proudly wear Cartoon’s tattoo work. Mister Cartoon enjoys immense popularity in the world of fine art and has contributed paintings to many international exhibitions. His work’s marriage of beauty and grit has earned him a devoted fan base the world over.
  • Morning Breath
    Morning Breath
    Morning Breath is Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. In 1996, the two worked together on skateboard designs at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. There, they discovered they had similar tastes and influences, many of which were associated with the late 70s and early 80s. These included everything from sniffing glue and punk rock to racking paint and hip hop. In 2002, Cunningham and Noto formalized their partnership with the creation of Morning Breath, a creative studio located in Brooklyn. Since Then, their collaborations have grown beyond skateboard graphics to include, music packaging, apparel, poster design and more. The two have also been part of many showings of their personal work. Today, Doug and Jason split their creative energies and time between commercial and personal work. In 2006, their first book was published: The Early Bird – The Art and Design of Morning Breath. They have also had much of their work published worlwide in many design magazines and books, Most recently -Dirty Fingernails (rockport publishers 2009)
  • Munk One
    Munk One
    MUNK ONE is a contemporary American illustrator and fine artist from California well known for his brand collaborations and album artwork. His style can seem dark and serious at first glance, filled with undertones of politics, religion and the idea of mortality. On the other hand, much of his work can also be bright, and fun, with a sense of humor. These elements coexist and mix throughout both his commercial and personal work. Proficient in both traditional and computer media, he is comfortable using whatever methods a projects may call for.    
  • N8 Van Dyke
    N8 Van Dyke
    Nate (N8) Van Dyke is a prolific artist and illustrator who began drawing at the age of two and has yet to stop. N8's medium of choice ranges from: pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, gauche, acrylic and oils. Regardless of what medium N8 picks up, his signature style can be seen in the contrast of his thin and thick lines in his pen and ink work and the high sheen contrast in his mixed media pieces. N8's heavily detailed illustrations feature his heavy metal humans and his well-known future primitive apes with dark menacing personalities. His color work features studies of animals (apes, elephants, giraffes) against lustrous backdrops. N8 is a full time illustrator and artist. His former job was as a senior concept artist at NCsoft working on City of Hereos. Prior to that, he finished creating concept art and storyboards for the Sega video game, Iron Man. His work has also been featured in several magazines such as JUXTAPOZ, XBox, PlayStation and Heavy Metal. Over the years N8 has attracted clients such as Converse, Levi Strauss, Scion, EMI Records, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Burton Snowboards, Slayer and Wired.
  • Nitin Vadukal
    Nitin Vadukal
  • Patrick Martinez
    Patrick Martinez
    Hip hop has been an influence on Patrick's art ever since movies like “Wild Style” and “Style Wars” turned him onto the movement. He started his career doing illustrations and design work for underground and mainstream record labels that catered to the hip hop community. He art directed for Concentrated Entertainment for two years and contributed to projects from companies like Stones Throw and Seditious Beats (now Divine Forces). Patrick focuses on the phenomenology of his surroundings. He brings sublime beauty to things that aren’t thought of as conventionally beautiful. He uses subject matter such as everyday people that aren’t usually painted into the limelight and elements of the city that would be thought of as objects we take for granted. He uses these objects as communicative mediums. Patrick works with intellect and intuition in creating pieces of art that reflect and document situations that are ever present around him. Vitality and rhythm are the essence and energy in his artwork.
  • Usugrow