Fast & Furious Billboard

Fast and Furious

To celebrate the release of the fourth film under the the Fast and Furious moniker, the franchise aimed to develop an eye-catching promotion that would resonate with the authentic Los Angles culture.

SA enlisted its own graffiti icon and Chief Creative Officer, Mister Cartoon, to create a custom billboard on Sunset Boulevard.

Mister Cartoon

A hand-selected team assisted Cartoon as he coated the 14’ x 48’ billboard with 48 cans of enamel spray paint in 39 different colors. Cartoon and the team worked for over 40 hours to produce this one-of-a-kind advertisement. Cartoon’s iconic graffiti style made the billboard immediately distinguishable, generating interest from both street art aficionados and the general public.

The team completed the project during a press junket on the rooftop of the ArcLight Hollywood Theater that included television, print, and web outlets.

The buzz cultivated by SA’s strategy resulted in coverage on major outlets as well as a sustained social media presence. The billboard was a popular fixture on one of Los Angeles most traveled roads, generating a strong word-of-mouth hype among commuters.