James Bond

James Bond is a pioneer in apparel and a true vanguard of sneaker culture. His UNDEFEATED brand helped usher the sneaker craze to the mainstream while maintaining the  boutique feel that birthed the movement.

Bond effortlessly melds East Coast style with a West Coast sensibility, creating something that is altogether original and undeniably his own. His imprint on the clothing world can be felt from high fashion to streetwear.

Known equally for his business acumen as design skills, Bond has collaborated with some of the most exclusive companies in footwear, apparel, and the automotive industries. Projects with Converse, Puma, Adidas, and New Balance have established Bond as a preeminent creative mind in footwear. His UNDEFEATED Dunk and Air Force 1 designs for Nike have become legend among sneaker collectors. As the designer of David Beckham’s ObyO line, Bond has achieved a level of visibility rare among his contemporaries.



James Bond Lincoln Project
James Bond Designs Lincoln MKX